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Storagatan 8
22100 Mariehamn ALAND
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Here is something magical in a visit to the realm of islands, as if you visited another world. The sea is, in a way, sheltering the local culture and tradition, letting the nature flourish and live its own life without being influenced by the outer world. The concept of mainstream isn’t present in the same way it is elsewhere.

Åland is a place that has always been influenced by the sea, and so has its people. The points of the compass are as important here as left and right. Here, people have been forced to create and produce themselves all that is needed, and that’s why we have a bit of everything.

Åland is sunny, demilitarised, wilful, historical, cultural, self-governed, tasty and very, very beautiful. All the ingredients are there, you only need to mix them into an experience of your liking. Welcome!

Visit Åland

Visit Åland is Åland’s official tourist and member organisation and has about 260 members. Visit Åland’s main aim is to market Åland as a travel destination and to work with the local tourist industry to develop tourism in the Åland Islands.