Archipelago Booking of Finland

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21660 Nauvo
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Archipelago Booking of Finland provides the widest selection of accommodation options in the Turku archipelago area, including cottages, villas, B&Bs, hotels or guesthouses.

Let us help plan your vacation and make life easy with dozens of our ready-made programmes and packages. Try one of our cycling and accommodation packages on the Archipelago Trail or other routes. Or why not take an island hopping tour of the outer archipelago, fishing trip, canoeing or nature trek with a wilderness guide. Take a journey in time to the Viking Age, visit a lighthouse island or sail in a traditional or modern boat.

Do you dream of organising an event in the world’s most beautiful Archipelago? A call to the Archipelago Booking of Finland will make that dream a reality. From company facilities, meals, programme, accommodation and transport, all will be taken care of. Access a wide range of trained experts, from guides to musicians as well as unique venues, sailing ships and manors.

Whether planning a seniors holiday, a guided excursion, a team-building event or other recreational trip, we’re sure to help. And if all you need a quiet meeting spot, Archipelago Booking can find you a functional and exclusive conference villa.