Welcome to the tour where competition with friends is all part of the fun!

The playful activities are designed to test your abilities through tasks of practical dexterity, scouting skills and seamanship. The fun programme can be implemented almost anywhere, and the place will be agreed with the client.
1. The Seamanship challenge – tying knots
2. The Boiling Water challenge – who can boil water the fastest (followed by a tasty sausage)
3. The Olympic challenge – performing an Olympic sport
4. The Hammer challenge – relay with team members to hammer a nail into a log the quickest
5. The Final challenge – each team creates a totem pole
Availability: year-round

Prices: Ask for an offer for your group!

Incl. Programme, staff, trophies to the winning team and sausages.

For extra fee: sailing cruise to the archipelago, lunch