This trail introduces you to the Turku archipelago in South West Finland , which is, by the number of islands, the world’s biggest archipelago, containing over 20,000 islands and rock islets.

You will be passing through seascape over bridges and taking ferries and connecting boats. Along the trail, you will see picturesque villages with plenty of amenities, forests, - Archipelago National Park, which is an incredible labyrinth of islands.

The services are best available during the summer (5 June–13 August 2017). The ring trail is illustrated on the map with the City of Turku as its starting point. The proposed trail direction is anticlockwise. It is also easy to arrive at the trail from Helsinki. You may also travel the trail clockwise. For those arriving by car or bus, at least two nights are recommended, and those riding a bicycle should prepare for staying at least seven nights.

See description of the route here: