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Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka, Vanhankirkontie 383
32200 Loimaa
+358 2 7637 7018

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Authentic Auranmaa – wonderful countryside & Loimaa – Capital of ball sports Culture out in the countryside? Here, you’ll see more forest and experience more than just the gentle scent of fields. Don’t delay – get out to the countryside as fast as you can! Set your inner child free, let your hair down, take off your coat and feel nature’s call. Come see and wonder!

Experience the headiness of a summer night in the countryside – refreshingly free, invigorating and florid. Start off with a round of golf – it’s a well-known fact that your swing has more zing and the greens are greener in the countryside. Get carried away with the sheer excitement of the pits and smell of burning rubber. Whether your dream is to be a top driver or perky race hostess, the Alastaro Circuit offers the perfect setting.

Several summer theatres beckon to summer visitors. If you are more interested in staying active and getting close, then open-air dances are for you. Just hit the dance floor and let yourself go!

There’s so much to do in the countryside – learn, recreate and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere! In addition to lively markets and the Valasranta Dance Camp, you can also find yourself at such events as Kosken Kohaus, Loimaan Rompepäivät or the Köyrimarkkinat harvest festival. Don your cap and head over to take in the atmosphere of Superpesis Finnish baseball (pesäpallo) camp. And don’t forget about OKRAa – the Real Farm Fair.

Cultural experience, hurry to the art museum! If you don’t fancy yourself as a Leonardo Da Vinci, go enjoy the work of others at, for example, the home studio of artist Ville Syrjämä – Villa Ville in Oripää or head over to the Yrjö Liipola Art Museum in Tl. Koski. While in Loimaa, don’t miss the Alpo Jaakkola Statuary Park and Loimaa Art House. Spend a cultural day or two, as there is so much to see out in the countryside – just jump in and take it all in! Stop and smell the roses!

A childhood summer, when you threaded wild strawberries on a long blade of grass and let newborn calves lick your fingers. Head out to the countryside if you’re looking for these kinds of memories. At the Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka, you can immerse yourself in the days of yore and see antique tools, pet lambs and watch chickens scratching in the yard. Two hundred other animals await your attention at the natural Kannisto Domestic Animal Farm.

You’ll find unique toys made of natural materials at the little Mustikkatassu. When you need to cool off and have a sweet treat, go get a delicious ice cream at Isontupa Farm. In the summer, when school’s out, you can increase your knowledge of biology with a visit to the Luontokapinetti Nature Centre. Make memories!

Gain strength from green, roam and wander hiking routes, such as the Harjureitti trail or Kuhankuono, where you can immerse yourself in the aroma of conifers and wetlands. Just put on some bug repellent and head out. Don't worry, you won’t get lost – the trails are clearly marked and maintained. Rest in a lean-to, brew up some campfire coffee and roast sausages. Bike to your heart’s content on the Häme Ox Road or let your paddle do the work on beautiful paddling routes. Get out!

Easy shopping – find the best places. Energise yourself with superfoods produced in the countryside. Buy organic products at Riihipuoti, ecologically produced local food from Hyvvvää puoti and find the best deals at the city-sized Kauppala. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something new to wear or handicrafts and daily needs items.

Need a good steam? Backside and linen, lake and bayou, sauna bucket and crane in flight. Genuine, honest Finnish purity, from the hiss of cold water hitting hot sauna stones and the steam heat finding the bathers. Let the sweat do its thing – it’s sauna time!

Linger a bit! You can’t always sleep in your own bed - and you don't always want to. What could be finer than a good night’s sleep in a bed made by someone else? Take advantage of the tourism and accommodation services in the countryside. The moon bathes the fields and headlands in a dim light – the cuckoo sings its familiar song. Thoughts drift to morning, birdsong and a hearty, waiting breakfast – oh sweet bliss! Good night!

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