Now you have the chance to visit a real vicarage.

Lutheranism arrived in Finland in the 16th century and with this reformation pastors were allowed to get married. Vicarages were build for the pastor's family which represented the ideal family to the congregation. The vicar's wife served as a model to other homemakers and vicarages were regarded as the cradle of civilisation in the old days.

Rusko, a countryside village near Turku, is one of the oldest parishes in Finland. The area around the old medieval church is registered as a nationally important cultural historical environment. The 19th century vicarage is located in this beautiful landscape, and still serves as the vicar's home.

Mrs Anu Salminen has been the lady of the vicarage since 2000 and she is now opening her home to guests who would like to get to know what life in a vicarage is all about. She invites you to have coffee and homemade traditional Finnish "pulla" with her. You will hear about the cultural heritage of the Finnish vicarages, and life in a house with glass walls, as the Finns call the traditional vicarages.

Availability: year-round

Duration: app. 2 hours

5-10 people: €25 € / pp
11-20 people: €20 € / pp

Incl. coffee wirh pastry and guiding.