Have you ever tried Nordic walking?

If you have not had the experience, we would like to show you how it is done. Join us for a most refreshing experience on the incredibly beautiful island of Ruissalo just outside the city of Turku. We will provide the walkers with the poles and a guide, who will tell the group stories about the fascinating history of Ruissalo. Centuries ago it used to be a hunting ground for the kings and rulers.

These days it hosts one of the oldest rock festivals in Europe, called Ruisrock, which was started in 1969. There will be no Rock and Roll while walking, though. Walkers will enjoy peace and quiet, and a view that includes century-old gingerbread villas, blue sea and fresh Nordic nature.

N.B. You can also get acquainted with Turku sights while doing a Nordic Walk in the city center by the river Aura.

Duration: 2 hrs

Availability: year-round

5-10 people €40 €/pp,
11-15 people €27 €/pp,
16-20 people €23 €/pp
Mon-Sat, higher prices on Sunday and public holidays

Price includes introduction to Nordic walking and its short technique, 2 hour services of a tour guide and the rental of poles for 2 hours. Services such as bus transfer, dinner or coffee can be purchased for an additional fee after the tour