Villa Wolax, Villa Wolaxin tie 40, FI-21060 Kuusisto
Herrankukkaro Luotojentie 245, FI-21140 Rymättylä, Finland
Come enjoy an unforgettable experience in the beautiful scenery of the Turku Archipelago. We will sail race in the archipelago, cruise at leisure to admire the Airisto scenery, have a pleasant time in the sauna and stay overnight by the sea. In Herrankukkaro, you will enjoy accommodation in the stunning natural surroundings of the archipelago. You can also savour delicious local dishes.

A two-day package for 10 to 20 people

  • Day 1

A 30 minute taxi ride from Turku Airport or the centre of Turku to Kuusisto Island. Arrival at Villa Wolax, where we will start the day with a tasty breakfast, during which the groups will receive information about the sailing programme for the coming hours. The sailing activities will be designed based on the group’s skills and wishes. They can include, for example, an introduction to the basics of sailing or a playful race.
After the sailing adventure we will transfer by motor boat across the Airisto waters to Herrankukkaro, an old fishing village. During the ride, we will enjoy a light lunch salad.

Upon arrival, we will be welcomed by our host, who will introduce us to the unique destination and help us get settled in the cosy and comfortable cottages or on board the Arkki boat.
Then it is time for an authentic smoke sauna. A pleasant heat, a relaxing soak in a heated pool or tub at the Kaislikkokylpylä spa, a dip in the sea and tranquil and beautiful surroundings are pure natural luxury.
After the sauna, we will be invited to an abundant dinner table, featuring local fishermen’s catch in various forms, fresh salad and vegetables, Herrankukkaro’s own rye and malt bread served with a buckthorn spread, mushrooms from the local woods, not to mention savoury meat dishes. This is wild food at its best! Afterwards, you will still have time to admire the seaside view by an open fire. Sleep should come easy after the day’s activities.

  • Day 2

After a delicious island-style breakfast, we will learn more about Prohibition in Finland, following the routes of smugglers by boat and on foot. After the tour, we will be served a mouth-watering fish soup at Herrankukkaro, complete with homemade rye and malt bread and a buckthorn spread. After lunch, the group will be transported by road to Turku.

Price: May–September, by advance order
- 10–15 people €517 per person
- 16–20 people €445 per person

The price includes:
- One night in a cabin for two in Herrankukkaro, common toilet and shower facilities
- Meals (2 breakfasts, 1 salad lunch, 1 soup lunch, 1 dinner)
- Transportation from Turku Airport or the centre of Turku to Villa Wolax, and from Herrankukkaro to Turku Airport or the centre of Turku
- Sailing boats for racing or for learning to sail, life jacket/buoyancy aid
- Motor boat transportation to Rymättylä, life jacket/buoyancy aid
- Smoke sauna and access to Kaislikkokylpylä spa

Other information:
We recommend that you take out travel insurance.
Dress for the weather, for example, wearing a windcheater and sunglasses.