Forenom Kakolanmäki

Michailovinkatu 1
20100 Turku

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Spend the night in prison in a Forenom Design apartment and escape will be the furthest thought from your mind. Kakolanmäki is the country’s largest historical prison-compound and the most significant example of correctional architectural heritage.

Now Forenom is allowing the heart of Kakolanmäki to beat to a new rhythm, as during the summer of 2016 the prison’s old psychiatric hospital has been transformed into fully finished 4-star apartments.

The original red-brick walls and massive concrete structures have been combined with modern high-quality materials and furniture to achieve a concept everyone can appreciate.

Forenom Kakolanmäki dares to be exciting, but it provides accommodation with a warm, cozy and classy experience. Kakolanmäki will always provide a story to take home with you.

All apartments are fully equipped and the price includes cleaning service, linen and wireless Internet access.

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