We offer you an exciting and vitalizing day together with your colleagues in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova – Museum of History and Contemporary Art and Flowpark Adventure Park.

In the museum you and your colleagues will speed date with art. Spending seven minutes with your dating partner, the piece of art, will not only reveal new sides on contemporary art but also on your colleagues. The guide will help you get introduced and find your favourites. Which piece is the one you would want to spend more time with?

In Flowpark you set free the adventurer within. The motor of action is you. Adventure courses are built in trees in the height of 0,5-20 meters and they offer challenge on four different levels. There is something for everyone! Test your boundaries and challenge yourself safely enjoying outdoors. You will be instructed on how to use a safety gear and how to advance in the park. Dare you?

You do not need any previous experience in either location. Lunch will be provided at the museum and coffee and cake in the adventure park. You can use the local buses to get from one place to the other or transportation can be arranged on your behalf.

Duration: about 5 hours

Availability: Apr – Oct (subject to the opening hours), or as ordered

Recommended group size: 10 – 25 people, ask for an offer for larger groups

Price: €64 /person

Inc. workshop in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova with entrancies, materials and lunch. Inc. also adventure in Flowpark, initial instruction, equipment (harness + helmet + gloves) and coffee with cake