Hostel Tuorla

Tuorlantie 1 E
21500 Kaarina
+358 2 472 6625, +358 50 303 9803

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The charming, historical milieu of Hostel Tuorla is something that both children and adults will adore.

Hostel Tuorla is a low cost accommodation option just 13 km from the centre of Turku, in the direction of Helsinki. Operating within the hostel is a popular lunch and reservation restaurant, as well as manor shop selling an abundance of local products.

The Tuorla area is particularly popular amongst young families. In the summertime, sheep and chickens roam the courtyard of the estate keeper’s cottage, a building dating from the 1800’s, and the planetarium is also close by. The locality’s lush acres of nature trails and beaches offer fantastic possibilities for outdoor activities throughout the year.

Further information