The Finnish Defence Forces organise a local defence exercise in Turku and the neighbouring regions between 10–14 September 2018. Titled Syystammi18, the exercise brings troops to the city centre area.

The training takes place this week in i.e. the surroundings of the Government Office Building, Turku Airport, Student Village, University campus area, and Skanssi shopping centre. Furthermore, the exercise extends to Kuusisto, Port of Naantali, Raisio, and the areas of Merimasku and Rymättylä. During this time period, more equipment by the Defence Forces and other authorities will be seen in the areas used for the training than normally.

Any disturbance or harm to bystanders during the exercise will be minimised. For example, there will be no restrictions on road traffic, and ammunition will not be used near residential areas.

In the Turku Region, the exercise will be attended by approximately 600 conscripts, reservists, and Defence Forces salaried personnel, as well as a large number of different authorities and partnering personnel.

The exercise aims to develop the readiness and command capabilities of local defence units and improve the competence of conscripts, reservists and salaried personnel in the tasks specific to the local units. In addition to the military objectives, the training focuses on the development of cooperation between different authorities and partners.

Along with the Defence Forces, the exercise will be attended by the West Finland Coast Guard District, Turku Customs, Southwest Finland Police Department, Hospital District of Southwest Finland, and Southwest Finland Emergency Services, as well as the City of Turku and public utilities owned by it.

The Syystammi18 exercise is one of 6 simultaneous local defence exercises organised around Finland by the Finnish Army.

You can follow the exercise on the social media channels of the Finnish Army and Pori Brigade with the hashtags: #syystammi18, #porpr, and #paikallispuolustus.