Through Visit Turku you can book the guided tour Touko & Tom in Turku, during which you’ll hear the stories about Touko’s childhood and early life in Turku.

On the tour you’ll see the important places associated with his life and at the same time reflect on the significance that Touko and his values represent to modern Turku. The tour culminates with the Behind the Scenes: Tom of Finland Movie exhibition.

Tour Duration: 2,5 hours

Recommended group size: 10-40 people

Tours are arranged 23rd Feb–13th Aug according to exhibition opening hours.

10–14 person groups €29/per,
15–20 person groups €25/per,
21–30 person groups €22/per,
31–40 person groups €20/per.
Price includes guided tour and entrance fees to Logomo’s Behind the Scenes exhibition.

Tours can be carried out aboard the group’s private bus.
For an additional fee: lunch/coffee and tarnsfer, tickets to the Tom of Finland musical or to the movie (spring 2017)

Behind the Scenes: Tom of Finland Movie in Logomo 23.2.–13.8.2017

23.2.–4.6. Tue-Sun 11–19
5.6.–13.8. Mon-Sun 11–19