Luontokapinetti – Nature Cabinet

Hovilanmäentie 2
21900 Yläne
+358 40 721 9689
Yläne's Hovilanmäki hill in the municipality of Pöytyä is a picturesque and multidimensional area built around old school buildings in the middle of the village of Yläne. The school buildings and the factory hall built nearby in the 1970s were refurbished in 2002 under the name of Luontokapinetti, or "Nature Cabinet" to serve as a versatile nature centre.

Luontokapinetti is primarily a nature exhibition.  The exhibition, covering 600 m2, encompasses the entire universe. An advanced hobbyist will always find something new to learn by delving into its details, but it is equally possible to spend a long time there simply admiring the visual beauty of the details of the exhibition.

The exhibition can be viewed alone, or with a guide. With the help of a guide the exhibition as a whole turns into a complete nature excursion that can be traversed with high-heeled shoes, without mosquitoes or sleet, both of which might seem somehow - natural, after the visit to the exhibition...

The cabinet is also a place for getting together. Meetings, parties, and evening gatherings can be arranged in the large classroom of this old and picturesque log schoolhouse.

The cabinet also has a nature school. For school pupils of all grade levels, the exhibition and the learning packages set up for it offer a possibility to deepen and get a concrete experience of what they have learned in class.