Luontokapinetti – Nature Centre

Hovilanmäentie 2
21900 Yläne
+358 40 721 9689

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Yläne's Hovilanmäki, in the municipality of Pöytyä, is a picturesque and multipurpose centre, built using the buildings an old school, found in the village of Yläne. The 1970’s school buildings, as well as the factory hall built nearby, were refurbished in 2002 and became the nature centre, Luontokapinetti.

Luontokapinetti is primarily a nature exhibition, 600 m2 in size but at the same time encompassing the entire universe. With such detail, even an expert in the natural world can find something new to learn. Whatever your level of knowledge, the beauty of the exhibition’s visual details are something to be admired.

The exhibition can be viewed alone, or with a guide. One of the seasoned guides will transform the displays into an expedition of the natural world, but one that can be explored in high heels and in which neither mosquitoes nor heavy sleet will interfere with your experience!

The centre also functions as a unique meeting space. Meetings, parties, and evening gatherings can be arranged in the large classroom of this quaint wooden schoolhouse.

The centre provides a nature school for pupils of all grades. Alongside the exhibition, the educational packages provide a tangible and visual experience, supplementing what students learn in class.

Reaching Luontokapinetti via Föli

Beginning on 6th June travellers can reach the Luontokapinetti nature centre by bus on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Pöytyä municipality now offers a connecting bus from the Föli bus stop at Kurjenrahka (Kuhankuono) to Yläne’s Luontokapinetti nature centre on Wednesdays at 12.05pm and Saturdays at 10.20am. The bus will return with passengers on both days at 3pm leaving to the Kurjenrahka bus stop, from where the return trip is with Föli. The length of stay in Yläne is approximately 3 hours. Pöytyä has arranged this hikers-bus free for tourists. A guide is also travelling on the bus.

During your stay, explore the nature exhibition, the local home museum or just visit for lunch or coffee. The service continues until Saturday 11th August. Please note that it is not available on midsummer’s day, 23rd June.

Further information

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