The River Aura

The River Aura is the heart and soul of Turku.

The city centre of Turku was founded long ago on the east side of the Aura River, something which is still found in the local vernacular today. The custom in Turku is to say that something is found "on this side of the river" or "the other side of the river".The older east side is "this side" and the newer west side is "the other".

The old side is home to, among other things, the Cathedral, University and Old Great Square. The new side is where you'll find such places as Turku Castle and the modern city centre, with its market square and shopping centres.

A great way to explore Turku is to take a stroll along the riverfront.You'll find not only historical sites, but also a wide spectrum of places to eat and drink.Theriverboats are a real Turku speciality, and many are also restaurants.